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   Welcome & Overview

An Educational Model...

The Becky L. Jackson Recovery Method provides unique support, education, and counseling services to achieve stable, long-term recovery from:

    • Eating Addiction
    • Dieting Mentality
    • Body Image Obsession

If you have struggled with chronic dieting and weight control issues . . . with obesity, starving, purging, or restricting . . . with body image obsession, Becky Jackson's Eating Addiction Recovery Model may be for you.

From Your Head ... To Your Heart

Becky Jackson's services offer a safe, supportive atmosphere to understand the concepts of recovery, establish your personal recovery, and share experiences with others. Through individual sessions and group dynamics, we explore, personalize, and integrate recovery concepts into "heart wisdom."

A Plan for Recovery...

   Becky Jackson with Dr. Duffy Spencer
"Just Relationships" WHPC 90.3FM broadcasts. Hear this indepth discussion about eating addiction & the process for recovery. (4 sound clips)

Becky's Recovery Model offers a unique focus on the disease of addiction and the process of recovery. Participants often combine The Becky L. Jackson Model services with therapy, nutrition conseling, and participation in 12-Step programs.

The Becky L. Jackson Recovery Model, offers the information, tools and guidance you need to create an action-oriented plan for permanent recovery.

The Recovery Method provides information and guidance on:

  • arresting the disease with responsibility, not morality.
  • finding a bottom line for abstinence from the eating addiction.
  • recognizing and addressing obsessions with eating, food, dieting, body image, nutrition, health, and exercise.
  • exploring our dependencies on the eating addiction.
  • establishing a new value system with priorities and beliefs that promote a healthy relationship with our eating addiction, our recovery process, our history, and our "historical selves".